Have you ever purchased something on a site where the product page drove conversion, the checkout process was seamless and the "Thank You" page was immersive – yet, when you wanted to speak with a customer service representative you couldn’t find the number or contact info? Then, by the time you found it, a rude person answered after 20 minutes; you got your order 3 weeks later only to find out it was not what you ordered (not to mention the package was wet and smelly).

Will you shop on this site again? Probably not. Customer experience (CX) is everything that has to do with the customer journey, including your brand, services and products. You want to make sure the "Last Mile" doesn't mean the final one when it comes to your customers, and we're here to help you make it happen. Examples include customer service scenarios, package creativity and the note that comes with it, and everything that happens outside the screen.