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We love UX, we love eCommerce and we LOVE talking about it, especially on how the attention to small details can make a big difference in terms of conversion rates and revenues.

We also love talking about customer experience – what happens when the online journey ends and the next online journey begins (as the "Thank You" page at the end of the purchase is just the beginning of the relationship).

And we are really passionate about our Best Practices Workshop, (#_איקומרסתכל'ס) combining it all together to make sure you can "speak" eCommerce fluently with your design and development teams; REALLY know how to manage an online store; open your mind and be inspired with case studies from around the world - and so much more.

Make sure to follow our Facebook page for upcoming lectures, webinars and events. Contact us to learn more on how to book a lecture or workshop for your company - or for you.

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פוסט אורח: אינדקס המובייל החדש של גוגל – נעים להכיר
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פוסט אורח: אינדקס המובייל החדש של גוגל – נעים להכיר