micro-copy ecommerce

"Invalid e-mail address". Is there a colder, more upsetting error message? Oh yes, there is – "incorrect password".… Still, we know how to deliver even the darndest error messages and still make your customers love you – as they will understand what went wrong, how they can fix it - and maybe even have a laugh (it all depends on your brand tone and style). You can double their emotional reaction with a positive confirmation ("This item was added to your cart. You have a great sense of style!"); or by using text encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter or open an account on your website. Say "Be in the know" one more time.

Micro-copy refers to all texts that are included in the business process - instructions on how to operate on the site. They include "Call to Action" buttons, form field descriptions, error and confirmation messages, empty states (i.e. when your customer has nothing in their shopping cart/favorites list, or when search results return 0) - and much more.