UX, UI, RESEARCH - SITE LAUNCHING SOON, a B2B & B2C medical equipment ecommerce site offering anything from $1 band-aids to $5,000 motor scooters approached us, asking for a full re-design


Our main goals were to improve the mobile experience and loading time, as well as differentiate the overall experience from the competitors, including Amazon.


During the research phase, we conducted a user study, which helped us better understand current and potential customers , why and how they shop.


We created several personas and made sure we answered their needs, questions and requirements throughout the customer journey. We found that 80-year-old customers are ecommerce savvy, and that most of them hold their mobile phones with both palms, so their thumbs hide a major chunk of the information. Therefore, we added on mobile, a large "Add to Cart" floating button on the bottom of the screen throughout the product page scroll, enabling the customer to easily add the product to their shopping cart.

We targeted a wide audience of caretakers and relatives who are dealing with their loved ones health condition and looking for support which resulted in a new community section, where customers can shop by condition and not only by product, but mainly get support by reading personal stories, discreetly share their own story, ask questions and get tips

The new high-service branding also affected the site language. As part of the new content strategy, product pages were upgraded to include product benefits in addition to product features. A comparison table, enabling customers to add products and make a comparison also helps in the decision making process.


Create an alternate way to browse your site, in addition to the product based cateogries. For example, if your site is related to sports and outdoor activity, you can assist your customer by adding a By Activity (running, biking, etc.) or By Brand (which are very strong in this sector). If your site is a chocolate shop, you can add By Event (upcoming holidays, Get Well, Valentine's, etc.) and By Budget. If your store is fashion- related, try shopping By Trends or Body Type.

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